The government of Uzbekistan invited us to speak at a seminar for small and medium business owners.Uzbekistan 1
The subject was: 'How to run a mature business and to receive new insights for business and economy'. 
The government is eager to open the nation for entrepreneurship, which contributes to economic development and prosperity for its inhabitants. We have had a very good presentation; 150 people were present.

Uzbekistan 2

We also visited a company of a friend and were able to talk about improvements in his production process and management issues. We were present in a negotiation about a joint venture between an Uzbek and western company. We have met government officials and businesspeople and it was great to see their openness, hospitality and eagerness to learn.

IMG 20161125 184756Together with David Martin and Henk Vennis we visited Kiev to get connected to young professionals, the former CBMC group and to give a seminar about work, business, economy and finances from a biblical perspective. 

It was a great trip. We connected to Mission in profession, leaders impact in Ukraine and the young leaders from the Central Baptist Church. We also gave a teaching for the latter group at Sunday in their Church. At Friday we visited a CBMC team and some entrepreneurs to discover and explore what is going on in Kiev and the Ukraine. Friday evening we started our seminar which lasted till Saturday afternoon late. They recorded all the session and you can watch and hear them here

IMG 20161127 182205

Meanwhile David was preaching in a Church in Kiev and at Sunday I preached in the Central Baptist Church about crisis and hope according to Romans 8:18-39. Afterwards we talked with the young leaders of the Church. We felt blessed and privileged to be there. We also made appointments to return and start with our Young Professionals program in Kiev and we will give the seminair again for more people. This was our last missiontrip for 2016. We felt grateful.


With 13 participants of 7 different nations, we enjoyed a great weekend in the woods of Doorn, The Netherlands. 

2016 11 YP weekend 2
We learned about the God who calls each one, about our personal calling and leadership style, and heard testimonies of God’s work.
As one participant put it: “I loved the great atmosphere that everybody created of confidence, respect and love.”

2016 11 YP weekend 1







Apart from the prayer time, teachings and personal worktime, we enjoyed volleyball and some took a tour to the city of Amsterdam. Everybody left the weekend with a sense of greater purpose and refreshment. We are grateful!


2016 Belgie 2I was invited by The 4th Musketeer (4M), a men's movement that trains men to live for their King 4M logo
They asked me to speak at one of their Life Events for businessmen who are connected to this movement. We had a very good meeting in Overpelt, Belgium, about work-life integration. Being a busy businessperson, husband and father at the same time. I could share from personal experience; we discovered the 5 faces of love during our marriages and talked about living an integrated life by changing our mindset and thinking.

We had a great discussion afterwards with many questions and a lot of sharing from our personal lives.
It was a very valuable evening for everyone. 

(see for more information )

In Malaga, there were 30 participants, coming from 19 nations, joining our first CBMC basic Ministry Training.

2016 Malaga

During this training we covered 3 topics:
• Being a marketplace ambassador
• Building Connect3 teams
• Building Spiritual Reproducers
• Coaching

Trainers from CBMC USA came over to train us. We learned a lot and had a great time.
The coaching seminar was the start of an 8-weeks follow-up training by tele-class.2016 MalagaAfter this training the participants are certified coaches and will be able to train others also in their own nations.
20 participants signed up for this follow-up and would like to love to train to coaching in their own nation too.

We also talked about one-to-one discipleship, being a living proof of the gospel and we introduced the CBMC Marketplace Ambassador Advancement system
All participant felled blessed and left at Sunday

a little time to relax









The goal of this trip was to encourage our friends in Africa and to join the CBMC Africa conference, the Global Leadership Team and the board of CBMC. 
At first, we could share and discuss the situation in Europe with the CBMC international board. This was very worthful.
Later on I was able to join the African conference and run a morning session about our love for God, how to express this and live it as businessperson. Thereafter I was part of a panel of experts who took the questions of the African young professionals at this conference. This was really great to do and very beneficial for them. We agreed with some of them to continue this by skype or conference call, when they are back home and have a meeting with their friends. 

At the end of the conference we have had a two days meeting with the CBMC Global Leadership team. We discussed best practises and key performance indicators.  We also are developing a manual about how to start a CBMC ministry from scratch when there is nothing in a particular nation.

Two important things I discovered again:

  • The importance of discipleship and building spiritual reproducers as the heart of the ministry for the future and its meaning.
  • To stay focussed on your core mission, if you want to be successful.

South Africa 2016 10

This was a meeting arranged by the 3 German ministries of Christian business leaders. More than 450 people attended. The theme was: Lutherstadt – „Reich Gottes in Wirtschaft und Beruf“ (City of Luther, God’s Kingdom in Economy and Profession.) What does 500 years of reformation in this city mean for businesspeople and economy in these days.

It was a great event, where I and many others were blessed. It gave me the opportunity to speak with various business leaders and also with some American guests from CRU/Momentum.
Personally I was touched and inspired by the sermons of Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Eckstein and Dr. Johannes Hartl.


Germany 2016 Oct 2Germany 2016 Oct

See more about this conference:  



It was great to meet our Polish friends from OBDS (connecting business to the ministry).
We have had a conference with more than 100 businesspeople.
As Europartners we were able to present the ministry and talk about the importance of discipleship and building spiritual reproducers for the future and for new generations. Besides this we were able to connect with many people. 


poland sept 2016

Frank Suchy and Dominique Faessler and Francoise joint this conference also and shared their experiences.
I think it was a good conference for all the participants and would like to thank our Polish friends for this initiative.




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