We had the privilege of having Tony Hodges with us to do a seminar and 1 on 1 mentoring sessions with Dutch young professionals.
We all are aware that young professionals often operate in highly structured and pressurised commercial environments. Tony Hodges
There are only a few opportunities to discuss things collectively with a seasoned professional.
Tony served the Dutch very well in that role. 
The seminar was with a group of 20 people, and dealt with the Question: “Where is God in business”?
Tony shared many personal stories, combining them with business insight and biblical wisdom.
One of his quotes was: “The Kingdom is here. It is so close you can almost touch it”.
For many, God seems to be far away from our daily activities.
Tony gave us a different perspective on this.
The young professionals who had the privilege of a 1 on 1 mentoring session were encouraged, inspired, blessed and renewed.

 We recently had our very first weekend of the Young Professionals Academy in Cluj, Romania. Our trainers Ron Zwaan and Frans van Santen had a great time together with 22 participants. Thanks to our volunteers Corneliu and Stephanie Niste, the weekend was very well organized. 

Together we discovered our calling and destiny as leaders. It was in a productive, intimate and open climate to which everyone contributed. At the end of the program we had communion together, remembering that we all are Christ’s own and live to honor Him. We would like to share this video with you that one of our appreciated volunteers made. Worth watching!

 2017 06 Cluj




Meeting with our German friends from CiW. Getting to know the new president Michael vom Ende and say goodbye to my friend Hans Martin Stäbler. We had a great talk about the developments in CiW. They have had a great young professional meeting, you can get an impression on https://www.facebook.com/ciwyp/ . We discussed the challenge we face and exchanged new ideas. One of the topics was, the WIBI manual they use in Germany and our course God at Work https://www.europartners.org/faith-and-work/course-god-at-work for small groups and churches and our next CBMC world convention https://vimeo.com/225224152 , beside others. 
It was a pleasure and great meeting among likeminded friends.

 2017 07 Germany


In a nice and typical French restaurant in Paris we met with various (young) professionals and businesspeople. We talked about being a Christian business person in the marketplace in France. We received a great testimony of Kristiina from Finland who had been a marketing and communication specialist in Finland and today is working in the Finnish parliament as an assistance of one of the MP’s.
Her main message was to stay strong and strengthen yourself in prayer and with other Christians. Also Wouter shared about how God was working in his business life.
The main message was: ‘You are responsible for why you work and how you work, but the results are mainly up to God Himself. This is freeing you from too much responsibility and give you the opportunity to be more relaxed too, without giving in on your drive and enthusiasm’.
He told some very practical stories as well as, and explained the goal and purpose of Europartners. We really enjoyed meeting our friends in Paris.

2017 06 Paris


What a great and lovely people. We met with the committee members of the organizing committee of the Global CBMC Convention at 21-23 June 2018. It promises to become a great event with good speakers, good music and businesspeople from all over the world. More information, with a first impression, watch our video: https://vimeo.com/225224152 . Save the date!
We also met the young professional coordinator of CBMC Belfast and had the opportunity to share ideas and discuss our Young Professional Academy and support. With one of the local leaders of CBMC Belfast we shared information about building small groups and evangelism.

2017 06 Belfast

In Latvia we were able to speak to young entrepreneurs and business people about the topic: 'Professional excellence with purpose'. What it is and how to deal with this ideas in daily business life. We discussed the 'Why' question as the foundation for meaning and a business model. Why are you doing what you do, what is it that gets you out of your bed every morning, how can you view your work in the context of your bigger dream? We also discussed the boundaries of success and the limitations of this concept for meaning and purpose. We talked about this all in the context of real business examples and real lives and testimonies. It was very helpful for all the participants and their response was amazing.
The next day we did a radio-interview and spent the afternoon with the board of CBMC Latvia. During this board meeting we talked about the mission and vision of CBMC Latvia and how to reach the next level in their ministry. We also discussed the topic of work-life integration, time and priority management and living an integrated life, with healthy ambitions and proper life goals. The evening was for the CBMC forum members and about being a Marketplace Ambassador for Christ. In the meantime we had also some personal encounters with local business people.
We feel honored and grateful for the opportunity to meet and serve these nice people.

2017 06 Latvia

It was great to visit the nation of Estonia and especially the city of Tallinn. We met with the members of Estonian Christian Employers and could encourage them. Together we discussed the concept of being a Marketplace Ambassador for Christ (2 Cor. 5:20). Why this is important, what does it mean and how to practice this in daily life. In sequence it is about being first and doing after. It is about being available, instead of organizing and controlling. It is about God, instead of us. Just some phrases we discussed.
We were also invited for a radio-interview and could promote Europartners, our core-believes and why it is important to reach business people. Afterwards we talked with some Churches about the new generation of leaders in the marketplace and decided to work together in bringing the Young Professionals Academy to Estonia. We will launch it in Tallinn in autumn 2018.

2017 06 Estonia

 It was a privilege and joy to meet our friends from Lared in Slovakia again. We had a great and inspiring conference with 45 participants in total. The topics we taught and discussed were: a VUCA World, Stress, Resilience and the amazing Grace of God. We reflected on all these topics from our daily experiences and from the wisdom and guidance of the scripture, combined with general wisdom and discernment. I was asked and able to give some introductions to these topics. It was sad and astonishing to see how actual and hot these topics were.  On the other side it was great that Lared offers the opportunity to share with each other our daily life/stress and feelings and receive wisdom and encouragement. There were also many one to one encounters and personal conversations about these topics and personal experience.

At Saturday afternoon we had a Q and A about starting 'your own business' as a young entrepreneur. We talked about the 7 levels of growing into a mature business and what a mature business is. We also discussed the why question: 'Why are you in business?' Many received new insights and new eye-openers, as well as a personal advice. 
We are very grateful for this opportunity and what happened within this conference with the participants. God was present at his own amazing way, thanks.



2017 05 Lared


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